The Taipei Film Commission was established in 2007, with an overall mission to promote the development of the film and television industry in Taiwan. Specifically, the commission aims to promote the cultural life of Taipei and other Taiwanese cities through the moving image, boost tourism in Taiwan, and bolster the country's growing reputation as a world-class location for film production. To this end, the Taipei Film Commission actively promotes the unique benefits and convenience of setting and shooting film and TV productions in Taipei, seeks to attract world-class professionals, and talents in the international film scene.

The main objectives of the commission are as follows:

1. To assist domestic and overseas production teams in scouting for locations and applying for permits, and to increase awareness of the wide range of services and incentives offered by the national and local governments.

2. To arrange preferential agreements between companies working in the film and television industry, in order to reduce production and shooting costs.

3. To maintain an official web presence with updated location galleries, production guides and databases, in order to help production teams find suitable shooting locations and to offer a similar service through promotional DVDs.

4. To assist and support the marketing and promotion of high quality films shot in Taipei, in order to promote the city as a world-class destination.

5. To hold events and promotions, such as screenwriting competitions, or to offer financial support for film projects, selecting award recipients on basis of their ability to promote Taipei and the city's film and television industry.

6. To promote film culture and related industries in Taipei through seminars, websites, newsletters, training, and promotional materials.

7. To assist in the development of government policies beneficial to the growth of Taiwan's film industry, and to seek and encourage private sector involvement in motion pictures whenever possible.

8. To actively seek a worldwide platform for Taiwanese film through exhibitions and similar activities; to market films shot in Taipei, in order to increase Taipei's international exposure to Taiwan through the medium.

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