Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, located on Guangfu S. Rd, was originally founded in 1937 as the "Monopoly Bureau of the Taiwan Governor's Office, Songshan Tobacco Factory". In 1945 it was renamed "Taiwan Provincial Monopoly Bureau, Songshan Tobacco Factory" and only two years later changed to "Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Bureau, Songshan Tobacco Factory" in 1947. After the tobacco and wine production ended in 1998, it was designated a historic monument by the Taipei City Government in 2001. Together with Taipei Dome stadium, the site was known as Taipei Cultural and Sporting Complex.

In Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, there are Japanese Secession office buildings, factories with bright and wide corridorsĄBwarehouses combined with platforms and supply conveyor belts, and boiler rooms with tall chimneys. Besides all these historic monuments, you can also find pleasing, luxuriant gardens which creates a step-back-in-time atmosphere. In 2011, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park will hold Taipei Arts Festival and Taipei World Design Expo in succession. The space will be laid out as follows; warehouses No.1 to 5 will host multi-purpose display and performance spaces. Specifically the office and factory locations purpose was to help develop the design industry and visual art industry. A tall grand multi showcase hall (formerly the basketball court) provides a site with unique atmosphere suitable for proms,balls or exhibitions. Exotic Baroque gardens are perfect for cocktail parties and press conferences; the boiler room and mechanical repair field have been converted into a creative dinning space that combines art and cultural exhibitions. With a full range use of space, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park expects to become the flagship base for both the design industry and the visual industry.

AddĄG2F, No.133, Guangfu S.Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City 110, Taiwan