Originally an impressive colonial-era elementary school, the site was then occupied by Taipei Government City Hall from 1945 to 1993. Now housing the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA), which opened its door to the public in May 2001, it is the first museum in Taiwan to be dedicated exclusively to contemporary art.

The MOCA siteĄXand the exhibitions themselvesĄXshowcase a rich combination of architectural heritage and contemporary artistic sensibilities, where the modern and the tradition all merge in a single space. Since its opening, the museum has been hosting a diverse range of exhibitions by domestic and overseas contributors, covering the most innovative aspects of avant-garde visual and architectural design, media technology, and fashion, reflecting the dazzling array of ever-changing modes of expression found in present-day society.

MOCA's events put considerable emphasis on art education programs. Through lectures, guided tours, thematic seminars and other complementary activities, visitors are encouraged to deepen their understandings toward the exhibition and contemporary art. In 2008, MOCA stepped out of the museum building, hosting more and more outdoor activities, such as live concert, cinema, creativity market, etc., and supporting art displays brought by the public on its windows and plaza. All these efforts aim to improve its outreach within the wider community and expand the educational functions of the gallery space.

In addition to its ongoing exhibitions, MOCA also extends its exhibition space to outdoor plaza and the nearby Zhongshan MRT Station underground street as well as its linear park, hoping to strengthen the artistic and social relevance of the museum and encourage the community to regard the aesthetics of everyday life.

AddĄGNo.39, ChangAn West Road Taipei 103, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Website: http://www.mocataipei.org.tw/