The Red House, a Western-style red-brick octagonal structure in Taipei's Ximen space built in 1908, is Taiwan's first public market and the most well preserved class III historical site. Designed by Kondo Juro, a western-styled architect in the prefectural civil engineering office at the time, the market entrance, incorporating both octagonal and cruciform shapes, was paralleled by no other in the east and west. The market entrance also took on the eight trigrams (bagua) design considered boldly creative then. Octagon Building, Cruciform Building, and the adjacent South-North Square are now collectively known as "The Red House".

In November, 2007, Department of Cultural Affairs commissioned Taipei Culture Foundation to manage The Red House. It underwent a series of cultural transformation including: at Octagon Building 2F Theater, Central Display Area, Grid of Hundred Treasures, The Red House Tea Shop, The Red House Boutique Area, at Cruciform Building Creative Boutique, The Cradle of Cultural Creative Dreamer, Riverside Live House, Market for Artists & Designers located by North Square and Outdoor Cafe located by South Square. These changes provided better services to the general public, created a space of creativity, attracted crowds, and expanded the domain of overlapping cultural arts. The Red House has successfully transformed into a new cultural and creative industries development center in Taipei City. In 2008, it was awarded The 7th Urban Landscape Award in Historical Space Redevelopment Category.
In 2015,The Creative Boutique, a creative business incubator, received a makeover in a nod to its predecessor of a century ago ĄX TaiwanĄŠs first marketplace and grocery bazaar. The revamped Creative Boutique provides local cultural & creative labels with retail spaces in an aesthetically unique mall setting in TaipeiĄŠs west end.

When the Red House took charge of the Taipei Cinema Park in 2009, it unveiled an installation art project entitled "Urban Show Case" in an attempt to create an urban open space where collective memory is preserved. That project won the gold medal in Public Open Space category of The Face of Taipei City Award 2010.

The Red House has established itself as a major location for the development of cultural and creative industry in the West End of Taipei City, given the 4 million-plus visits it has registered for the more than 1,000 arts and literature-themed events it hosted throughout 2009. In 2010, the Red House launched, in its Cruciform Building, the Cultural & Creative Industries Development Center that is dedicated to incubating creative brands; in recent years, it also continues to expand its platform mechanism for innovative collaborations to strengthen the creative energies of the cultural and creative industries while breathing fresh air into the historic architecture.

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