Located at the Section 3 of Ting-Zhou Road, Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV) was listed in 2004 as the first "historic community" by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government. Following on from the event "Taipei Treasure" in 2006 and various research projects in 2007-2009, AIR Taipei officially took over the operation of the THAV in 2010. The unique location of Treasure Hill with its narrow alleys and stairways traversing the hillside, gives THAV a European rural village feel. Over the years, various groups settled the hillside with their own lifestyles and needs creating a tribal-like organic scene. With the existing residents, together with the urban policy of preservation and revitalization, the Artist-in-Residence program and Youth Hostel it is hoped that the parties will collaborate in the spirit of "paragenesis" to create a better future of the entire community.

THAV provides 14 studios for the "Artists-in-Resident" program. In each 2-3 month residency the selected artists are encouraged to execute projects only after spending time observing the intricacies of the site. THAV also provides rehearsal studios, exhibition spaces and various outdoor plazas spread throughout the village. These plazas are public open space and can be used for exhibition and performances. AnotherĄ§Micro-LoftsĄšare provided on site for individuals and organizations creating a cluster and a platform for the arts and cultural exchange. Whilst the artist in residence projects are process based, running in tandem to these will be a curatorial approach (workshops, exhibitions and educational programs) that cultivates a village lifestyle encouraging participation for all segments of the community.

AddĄGNo.4-8, Aly. 37, Ln. 230 Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Website: http://www.artistvillage.org/?lang=en

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