Established in June 1985, the Taipei Culture Foundation is a non-profit organization supported by a combination of public and private sector funding; the foundation's mission is to promote sustainable artistic and cultural development in Taipei, with a mandate to focus on the public nature of cultural activities, and public accessibility.

Since restructuring in 2007, the foundation has been increasingly active in promoting itself as a hub of cultural life in Taipei. This marked an important transition in policy, allowing the city's arts festivals and cultural centers to be overseen by a single body, and more importantly, to be seen as a series of interconnected activities and spaces. In its management of the Taipei Film Festival, the Taipei Arts Festival, the Taipei Children's Arts Festival, the Taipei Fringe Festival, and other large-scale cultural events, the foundation aims to promote the arts and cultural life in Taipei by using an integrated marketing strategy, encouraging public participation in the arts, expanding the citizens' artistic horizons, and increasing the rich diversity of city life.

All the same time, the foundation is responsible for managing a number of Taipei's cultural resources and historical monuments-including the Red House, Taipei Cinema Park, Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei Artist Village, Treasure Hill Artist Village, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and the Puppetry Arts Center of Taipei. The foundation has also established the Taipei Film Commission in order to promote the city as a shooting location, and to support the growth of its well-respected motion picture industry. Refer to the successful pattern of Taipei Film Commission, the foundation also establish the Taipei Culture Industries Commission to training talents in cultural industry and supporting the development of the cultural creative industry.

This ever-expanding array of cultural resources ensures Taipei is reputation as a multi-faceted, artistic city, allowing the arts to resonate within the community, and ensuring continued success for the foundation in years to come.

In 2008, the Taipei Culture Foundation launched Taipei Art+, an internet portal designed to unite the organization's interests under a single banner, provide a platform for the integration of Taipei's arts and culture as an urban brand, and actively facilitate the development of arts activities. Taipei Art+ uses forward-thinking multimedia to promote a wide network of popular art forms, such as the Taipei Movie Walk in Ximending, colorful works adorning the city's "arts and culture taxis," and a series of art and culture walking tours. Having the space to conduct these types of promotion allows the foundation to open doors to the widest range of people, and encourages more enterprises to participate in arts activities within the public sphere.

Additionally, the Taipei Culture Foundation is increasingly active in promoting the development of cultural and creative industries. The foundation is acquiring and overseeing the administration of a greater number of artistic and cultural venues, such as the Red House in Ximen, which has proven to be a breeding ground for the city's popular music, as well as retaining its function as an exhibition hall. In the meantime, the foundation will organize training courses in the creative industries, and promote cross-strait cooperation and cultural exchange. Since 2007, the foundation sending delegations to attend international events, such as the International Cultural Industry Fair in Beijing. In the near future, the foundation also broaden the scope to chief cities of China, such as Shanghai, Sian, Hangchow and other international cities.

The Taipei Culture Foundation invites participation from all walks of life in its promotion of arts and culture in Taipei, allowing all residents to experience an urban environment filled with flourishing artistic spaces. The foundation-and its contribution to Taipei's artistic and culture life-has rapidly become an invaluable asset for the city, in which everybody can share.

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